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Azkoyen Palma Snack Machines

There are two models in the Palma snack machine range, the H70 and it’s bigger brother the H87. Both have extra-large glass fronts and energy-efficient L.E.D lighting acting as a shop window for products, increasing impulse purchases. Their attractive design means they will fit into any environment from the office, factory to a hotel.
Azkoyen have packed these machines full of features, making it easy to set up. User-friendly software and simple push button controls for the end-user to vend their desired product.

The iDetect system which was installed to the Palma range, uses an electronic eye system, that ensures a guaranteed delivery with every vend, reducing the risk of vandalism.

These machines were designed with security in mind. From the galvanized steel case, anti-theft vend port, steel selection buttons and triple toughened glass front.

With refrigeration units fitted as standard and many different configuration options, vending a large selection of goods is easy.  A typical layout would consist of savoury products such as crisps in the upper section, chocolate, cakes and cereal bars in the middle and chilled drinks in the bottom of the machine.



Palma H70                                            Palma H87

◊ Height  1830 mm                                ◊ Height  1830 mm
◊ Width  723 mm                                  ◊ Width  888 mm
◊ Depth  865 mm                                  ◊ Depth  875 mm
◊ Weight  270 Kg                                  ◊ Weight  340 Kg
◊ Maximum Trays  6                              ◊ Maximum Trays  6
◊ Maximum channels per tray  6             ◊ Maximum channels per tray  8
◊ Maximum selections  36                    ◊ Maxiumum selections  36
◊ Voltage  230v                                    ◊ Voltage  230v
◊ Maximum power 500w                        ◊ Maximum power 500w
◊ Energy Class A+                                ◊ Energy Class A+


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