Azkoyen Palma Can Vendor

Azkoyen Palma Can Vendor


Reliability, durability and security, the keys to Palma B


This attractive can machine offers complete flexibility in terms of size and configuration. Offering 5 selections of drinks from the Palma B5 and 6 selections from the B6. As you would expect from a market leader the Palma B series are all fitted with a refrigeration unit as standard. With the user-friendly software it’s easy to adjust settings such as temperature and pricing.  The curved front of the Palma B improves its visibility and attracts attention. Its classic selection system is intuitive and easily used by customers. In addition, the back-lit panel promotes the product and brand.





Secure, durable and long-lasting

Azkoyen Palma can vendor soft drinks vending machines are suited to public sites where security is a key factor. The Palma B series is equipped with a high security door with three anchorage points, an anti-leverage system and anti-vandal steel buttons.

By using only the best materials, the Palma B is a durable and reliable machine designed to last.





The Palma B5

  • Capacity 300  33cl cans
  • Selections  5
  • Height  1830mm
  • Width  725mm
  • Depth  620mm
  • Weight  227kg

The Palma B6

  • Capacity 507  33cl cans
  • Selections  6
  • Height  1830mm
  • Width  889mm
  • Depth  882mm
  • Weight  340kg

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