Palma H70 Snack Can

Palma H70

Palma H87 Snack Can

Palma H87

Palma B5 Can Vendor

Palma B5 Can Vendor

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Azkoyen have accumulated over 50 years of knowledge and expertise which is why their vending machines are so popular. Built in reliability, easy-to-view glass fronted refrigerated cabinets, all with change giving facilities. These machines have been designed to be more environmentally friendly with a smaller carbon foot-print.

Free on Loan Vending Machines       Azkoyen Palma small

Interested in having a snack machine on your premises, concerned about the outlay, and time involved in the upkeep.  Why not consider having a free on loan Vending Machine, this way you gain most of the benefits of a snack machine, without any of the work or financial commitment.

Our free on loan Vending Machines offer a variety of branded snacks and cold drinks to your work place, without the financial risk.  if your company has 60 or more permanent staff on site, you may qualify for this excellent offer.  Along with the maintenance, the free on loan Vending Machine and it’s products are delivered to you free of charge.  The Vending Company then collects and keeps the money made by selling those products, in effect your snack machine is self funding.   You should always check or discuss the terms and conditions of any agreement for free on loan Vending Machines.

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