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Easy Vending is a vibrant company based in Edinburgh, providing vending solutions to businesses throughout the Lothians of Scotland.Home of Vending Machines

Easy Vending can provide your business with hot drinks machines, snack machines, cold drink vendors and plumbed in water coolers. Easy Vending Company (EVC) offers a great selection of the most popular branded products and specialty items.

It is our aim to make vending as easy as possible for your company, we’ll listen to your requirements, and come back with what we believe is the best option for your company. Many vending companies can only supply certain products or brands, EVC prides itself on variety and customer service. We are privately owned and only deal with machine manufactures that have a proven history, with reliable, state of the art machines.

We can offer free-on-loan snack machines to companies with 60 or more staff. We will install the machine, stock them on a regular basis and deal with any service issues.


New healthy products


Eat Real Hummus sour cream &chivesWe are now stocking some of the Eat Real range, such as Hummus Chips (Sour Cream & Chive)


Made from real, natural ingredients, based on taste, nutrition and real ingredients.

  • 40% less fat
  • Gulten Free
  • Suitable for Vegans

We will be introducing more of the Eat Real range over the coming months.








no plastic bottle

Single-use Plastic bottles and the environment.

Soft drinks sold in single-use plastic bottles are causing a devastating effect on the environment of the world. Landfill sites are overloaded with single-use plastic, not to mention our seas or the deadly effect on marine life.
We have come to the conclussion, as a responsible company that we must play our part in looking after the planet for future generations.
This has lead us to the decision to no longer sell soft drinks in single-use plastic bottles, as an alternative, our customer will still be able to buy their favorite soft drinks in aluminum cans. Although this might not be the perfect solution we do feel it is a more suitable option opposed to single-use plastic.








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